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Hermann Insurance Services and much of the Herman Insurance Team have been in the business for decades, and we want what is best for our community. Our team works from our North Branch, Isanti, and Rush City, Minnesota locations, and we proudly serve Chisago, Isanti, Pine, and Kanabec counties. 

Hermann Insurance’s team embodies all of the core values, including integrity, professionalism, respect, and trust. Our team members want to ensure you have the insurance you need and what is best for you and your family. We are a family-owned business, and we want to care for our neighbors. Get to know our team, and let us know how we can help you!

Minnesotans That Know Your Concerns


At Hermann Insurance, we believe that independent insurance agents have a better understanding of the unique needs of local communities. Our team is well-informed about the demographic and geographic factors that affect our North Midwest area’s residents. We empathize with our neighbors and are committed to providing tailored solutions to meet local concerns. Our in-depth knowledge of the local insurance market allows us to tailor coverage options to fit a client’s needs, circumstances, and budget.

Our team of local, independent insurance agents has established relationships with community members, including local business networks and community groups. Our long-standing presence in Minnesota and Wisconsin gives us a distinct advantage over competitors who lack a local company and years of experience in the area. We are confident that our clients benefit from our agents’ strong relationships within the community.

The Local independent insurance agents at Hermann Insurance possess a more in-depth understanding of the needs and concerns of the Northern Minnesota community. Our ability to tailor insurance products to meet the community’s specific needs enables us to offer personalized coverage options. This can help clients like you get better value from their insurance policy and feel more secure in your coverage.

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